GOP slate card snubs friend of Adelson

GOP leaders have sent out a slate card that inlcudes a judge running against a friend of Sheldon Adelson, causing the Sands boss to cut off the county party as he has cut off the state.

"No money anymore for the Clark County GOP from us," Adelson political point man Andy Abboud told me after Clark County Chairman Dave McKeon put Susan Bush, running against Adelson pal Ron Israel, on the slate card, which is sttached here. Adelson had given the ocunty party $30,000, hoping it could be comepetent where the state party has been a joke.

Abboud says the Sands "warned (McKeon) not to put Bush on the card, but he did anyhow. I have asked McKeon about it but no response so far.

Why the GOP would put nonpartisan races on this card is bizarre in the first place? (Joe Lombardo for sheriff, many other nonpartisan offices, too.).

The card also has the name of Las Vegas City Council candidiate Michael McDonald, the absentee state GOP landlord, and is paid for by the Leadership PAC, which state records show has raised no money this cycle. Hmmmm.

The clown show continues.