GOP legislative leaders attend confab in Utah

State Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson and Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey were in Utah this weekend attending a regional meeting of the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee.

The meeting (flier attached here) at the St. Regis in Deer Valley ends today (Hickey is still there; Roberson left already).

I'm told that the group discussed immigration reform and outreach to Latinos, with well-known GOP pollster Public Opinion Strategies doing focus groups in Las Vegas to figure out how to break the Democrats' hammerlock on the constituency that helped save Harry Reid and boosted President Obama here.

In his weekly newsletter, Hickey suggested it's time for Republicans to "get out ahead--of the immigration reform issue." Quoting the Buffalo Springfield classic, "For What it's Worth," Hickey said immigration reform can be distilled to the most familiar lyric from the song: "There's [is] something happening here. But what it is, ain't exactly clear."

More from Hickey:

Immigration reforms--even those involving an eventual "pathway to citizenship," should however--come with a price.

Most American's ancestors, paid that "price," by learning English, enduring the cultural challenges that every new wave of immigrants face; and most importantly--immersing themselves and their families in the uniquelyAmerican compact--of self, and not governmental, reliance.

It seems almost every new immigrant group who comes to the U.S., does so in hopes of finding a way to "pull themselves up," and not, for government to give them a handout.

Look for more of POS' posts on Hispanics in Vegas, and for what Hickey and Roberson do in Carson City. Seems as if Nevada's GOP leaders, including the protean Sen. Dean Heller, get it -- or at least the political/demographic imperatives.