GOP assemblywoman: Session ends on "high note" with veto of background check bill

Republican Assemblywoman Michele Fiore sent a missive to her list this week, thanking Gov. Brian Sandoval for vetoing the background check bill and lambasting Democrats for entombing her campus carry bill.

Permit me to annotate:


I'm so thankful that Governor Sandoval has listened to the thousands of Nevadans who have contacted his office urging him to oppose SB221.
(He made up his mind long before those calls started.) Less than an hour ago Governor Sandoval vetoed this bill.

Senate Bill 221 hits home for me. Not only would this gun control (hyphens are good) legislation negatively impact (ugh) law-abiding Nevadans from one end of the state to the other, I am appalled to hear about the hundreds of thousands of dollars the New York based (hyphenless in Vegas), Mayor Bloomberg funded (hyphen alert) Mayors Against Illegal Guns spent in Nevada to buy this vote. (Oh, they bought the vote? Really? The people on the other side can't be as prinicpled as you, assemblywoman?)  Even more,  they flooded our Legislators (no caps necessary) and Governor (again, no caps) with calls from people who live across the country, claiming to speak for Nevadans. (They claimed to speak for Nevadans? Oh? How do you know? And were the tens of thousands of calls against the bill all from Nevadans?) 

But Nevadans pushed back. The Governor's (ahem) office is reporting thousands of calls  urging him to veto SB221, and for every call in support, there were four calls opposed. This is what we call public outcry. (No, it's what we call a campaign.)


Packed room for the Assembly Judiciary hearing on SB221 (Random thought, assemblywoman?)

SB221 should never have passed from the Nevada Legislature. The democrat (Democratic) leaders in the Assembly knew passing this bill was the wrong thing to do, but they did it anyway. This is the type of blatant partisan politics that turns people away from the legislative process. (Yes, thank goodness only Democrats are partisan.) The same committee that pushed through this flawed bill refused to hear my campus carry legislation, even though we too (punctuation again)  had enough votes to pass the bill. (Oh? Can you prove this?)

During this next election, we need to let all of the Nevada legislators who voted for a gun control bill that would have seriously infringed (Yes, very seriously, even though Antonin Scalia might disagree.) on our 2nd Amendment rights know that Nevadans are independent, and we don't want out of state (Do you hate the hyphen, assemblywoman?) interest groups buying our legislators and dictating our laws. (Yes, we much prefer when in-state interests buy our legislators and dictate our laws. Nice ad hominem attack, oh principled one.)

We also need to tell Governor Sandoval how much we appreciate him standing strong. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent trying to sway him, and he stood strong. He listened to Nevadans and he vetoed this bill.


It was a long 120 days, and I'm glad to end on this high note.