Gaming regulators to clarify med pot regulations?

It depends on what the definition of "involvement" is.

Ever since the Gaming Control Board issued its admonition to licensees, that has been the question. So Thursday afternoon, the state Gaming Commission will attempt -- maybe -- to clarify what that word means. 

Here is the key line from the GCB: "Accordingly, unless the federal law is changed, the Board does not believe investment or any other involvement in a medical marijuana facility or establishment by a person who has received a gaming approval or has applied for a gaming approval is consistent with the effective regulation of gaming."

Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak, the single most influential player in this so far, has asked regulators questions on the mind of some applicants, who are doing business of some kind with gaming licensees. This could get tricky.

Sisolak will be at the meeting to ask questions.

Here's what he wrote last week to the gamers: