Gaming CEOs go to DC, potential change in web poker position possible?

Gaming executives were in DC this week meeting with congressional leaders, and one piublication speculated a change in the American Gaming Association's web poker position may be coming.

In a piece in "Gambling Compliance" headlined, "New AGA Chief Says Frustrated Industry Leaders May Look Beyond Congress," Tony Batt (a former RJ reporter) wrote about the Hill visits and Frank Fahrenkopf successor Geoff Freeman's take on the lay of the land. 

Batt quoted Freeman thusly: "The market has moved faster, and our companies have had to hedge their bets,” he said. “There will come a time, if Washington does not act, that the AGA will be driven to change its approach,” Freeman said. “I hope we don’t get there. But if we are not successful in Washington in getting legislation passed, our position is certain to evolve.”

You listening, Senator Reid?

Batt talked about the luminaries who descended on DC for an annual series of Hill meeteings: Patti Hart of IGT; Gary Loveman of Caesars Entertainment; Jim Murren of MGM; Deutsche Bank managing director Drew Goldman; Jamie Odell of Aristocrat; and Tim Wilmott of Penn National.  The meetings included face-to-face conversations with Valerie Jarrett, one of President Obama’s closest advisors in the White House; Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid; Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell; House Speaker John Boehner and House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, among others. 

They did not come away with a good feeling, Batt reported: "They were frustrated by the lack of progress on Capitol Hill,” Freeman said. “There is a feeling that Washington is not able to get anything done.”

Ya think?

One gaming insider said there is not an immediate push to chnage position on a federal web poker bill. But, the gamer told me, "Is to AGA changing position?  Not at this time.  But it could happen."