Friends, Vegans, magicians lend their money to Lowden

So who do you get to support you if you are not the anointed one?

That's the question for lieutenant governor's hopeful Sue Lowden, who is running against state Sen. Mark Hutchison, Gov. Brian Sandoval's choice to be his wing man.

The answer: Former legislative colleagues, a few governor-defying electeds, old pals and...Siegfried and Roy. Do they have a special trick to make anointments disappear?

It's Old Vegas vs. everyone else?

Sort of.

Ex-state Sen. Mark James, a former ally of Lowden's in the upper house and who has had quite the exciting life since leaving office, is hosting the event (invite posted here). Among those on the committee are a lot of classic old Vegas names: Barry Becker, Randy Black, MaryKaye Cashman, Mark Fine, Susan Graves, Tony Marlon, Berlyn Miller, Bob Maxey, Steve Schorr, Jim Nave, Jim Rogers (yes, my TV station boss) and Chuck and Donna Ruthe. Many of these are old Lowden friends, as are ex-state Sen. Ann O'Connell, former Democratic state Sen. Matthew Callister, ex-first lady Dawn Gibbons and Las Vegas Councilman Bob Beers.

Current elected officials besides Beers defying the anointment: Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, Assemblyman John Hambrick and Assemblyman James Oscarson.

It is really quite the list.

UPDATE: One insider reminds me that some of these folks also are friends of Harry Reid, who has an interest in Lowden bloodying up Hutchison (or beating him) to help the eventual Democratic candidate (there will be one, right?). A Democratic victory could block Sandoval from running against Reid in 2016.


UPDATE II: Six of Lowden's host committee members were part of Republcians for Reid in 2010:

Bob Bailey

Kimberly & Charles Tureaud

Susan Bilbray

Dawn Gibbons

Claire Haycock

Sandy Peltyn


A Lowden supporter reminds me that 17 hosts of Hutchison events also were on the Republicans for Reid list. Their names are below. I agree it's fair to point this out, but the real issue for Lowden is her campaign is about how conservative she is compared to Hutchison (and she contributed to Reid several times). Here's the list:

Alfredo Alonso
John Bailey
Jay Bingham
Nat Carasali 
Bob Cashell
Robert Ellis
Sandy Ellis
Greg Ferraro
Susan Fisher 
John Gibson
William Gregory
Josh Griffin
Jennifer Lazovich
Geno Martini
Bill Paganetti
Sig Rogich
Michael Yackira