Flores hires new campaign manager

Reid-designated Sandoval blocker Lucy Flores has hired a new campaign manager 100 days before the election

Flores, the Democratic  lieutenant governor candidate, parted ways last month with her previous manager, Pete Hackeman, after reported personality conflicts.

She has now retained Kristina Hagen, a field organizer for the 2012 Obama campaign in Virginia. In 2013, she ran Yes 4 Henrico's Kids, a successful ballot campaign to increase funding for public schools with a restaurant meals tax. (Maybe someone should tell her Flores opposes an education funding ballot initiative here.)

In 2013, Hagen was the field director for a Virginia  lieutenant governor's candidate, Aneesh Chopra, who lost 54-46 in the primary. She most recently worked at Hunch Analytics, a data firm.

She only graduated from the University of Durham in 2010, so she is quite young to be helming the campaign of a candidate in THE BIGGEST RACE IN THE HISTORY OF NEVADA.

There's nothing much at stake here, Ms. Hagen. Only the de facto top of the Democratic ticket, the party's great Latina hope and the career of the Senate majority leader.

What was it Ben Bradlee told Woodstein not to do?