Final constitutional officer tally on Sandoval tax plan: 1-3-1

Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske has no position on the governor's tax plan for education, leaving Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison as the only constitutional officer elected in The Sandoval Sweep backing the titular head of the GOP.

Rarely have I seen an elected official so painfully and obviously dodge taking a position as Cegavske did. This what I received about 24 hours after asking from her spokeswoman, Catherine Lu:

Secretary Cegavske is currently following its progress through the Legislature, and she will work with the governor’s office and the legislators to provide any information they may need from our office about business licensing, and the impacts of increased fees to existing businesses in Nevada and those that are considering relocating to our state. Our office’s responsibilities do not include presenting or passing the state’s budget, but we are fully prepared to address any changes that may occur as a result of this session.

So no position? "Yes, she has no position," Lu told me.

In one sense, I give her more credit than Dan Knecht, whose alternative budget is a joke and whose comments about the governor are puerile sniping, or Attorney General Adam Laxalt, who had no business opposing the plan. It is perfectly reasonable to take a wait-and-see approach until the hearings begin, although that Cegavske statement is a pure dodge. I did, however, like the line about the office's responsibilities not involving the state budget, which not only is true but could be seen as a shot at Dan Knecht.

So it's just Sandoval and Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison, who said this after the State of the State:

Governor Sandoval demonstrated strong leadership in presenting a modernized, long-term funding mechanism for education which Nevada has been lacking for quite some time.

Brian and Hutch, Don and Sancho, together forever.

On to the tax windmills....