FDIC to court: Certify $17 million judgment against Tarkanian and make him pay up

In a document filed in federal court, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has asked a judge to allow it to register a $17 million judgment against congressional hopeful Danny Tarkanian, citing the Las Vegas businessman's failure to respond to a previous motion.

Tarkanian had hoped to stave off any damage from the judgment until after the election. But the submission today (linked here) asks the court to rule a week from Monday on whether the judgment can be certified -- thus allowing the FDIC to go after Tarkanian's assets.

According to an affidavit included with the filing, Tarkanian's lawyers agreed to an Oct. 8 deadline for answering the call for the certification and missed it. The FDIC argues in its current filing that not answering is, by court rules, a de facto admission of non-opposition.

This could have a big impact on this volatile race, which Democrats fear Steven Horsford could lose despite a 13-point registration edge.

I have asked Team Tark for a comment and will post when I receive.