Facebook post sounds like an announcement for CD3 candidate, but she says no

UPDATE: After I posted this, Bilbray wrote a clarifying post, as it were, on Facebook:

I think I need to clarify. I have not decided anything. Running for office is going to be life changing for my family and I need to make sure all pieces are in place. But thank you for all of the support and friendship.


Here's what Democratic National Committeewoman Erin Bilbray posted on her Facebook page last night about the race against Rep. Joe Heck:

Friends, I have two great parents. This race is going to be very hard on them. Please send them your love and support. 

Help hold them up when they watch as arrows are being thrown.

Bilbray had been exploring a run, and I have assumed she is in, early though it may be. But that sounds like an announcement, doesn't it?

"No announcement," she told me when I asked about it. "Just preparing for a likely run."

By the way, her parents are former Rep. Jim Bilbray and his wife, Mikey. They both know what a race like this will be like. But it's different when it's a family member.

I still remember that day in 1986, when Jim was running for the first time, and his opponent called him dishonest and I had the temerity to print it.

Hell hath no fury like the wife of a congressional candidate attacked. That meeting with Mikey is etched forever in my mind -- alas, I wish I could say it was the last time a family member was angry with me for something I wrote. (Right, Reid family?)

I better be careful now that the Bilbray daughter is in -- or almost in.