The end of journalism: "Nevada Newsmakers" gives Fiore free ad

In her latest email blast, congressional hopeful Michele Fiore links to a  interview she did with "Nevada Newsmakers" host Sam Shad, whom she describes as "one of my favorites."

It's no wonder why.

Shad gives her his entire program -- and I mean gives as in a de facto in-kind donation -- to spew unchallenged all manner of assertions about the BLM, Gov. Brian Sandoval and her Assembly colleagues. Shad asked not one remotely difficult question, and at one point lamented that Fiore had not received "enough credit "for her role in defusing  the Oregon refuge standoff -- you know, the one she first helped fuel.

Fiore actually described the incident, which resulted in a death, as one that was designed as "a teaching mission" by those who occupied the facility illegally. Shad did not challenge her.

Indeed, this was not an interview so much as Shad teeing up softballs for Fiore to smash unsupported allegations at the "journalist," who simply went on to his next slow pitch. When Fiore asserted that the media "hate" her (I know of no one, by the way), Shad demurred and interrupted: "Not all of the media."

Not one question about her huge IRS debt or the mysterious shuttering of her business or her wild claims about many things. Not one.

That program is a substitute emetic, more lapdoggery than Sean Hannity gives Donald Trump. And I apologize for the insult to lapdogs.

Watch for yourself.