Elon Musk company gave to lawmakers, governor right before and after Tesla special session

Tesla Chairman Elon Musk's other company doing business in Nevada gave nearly $40,000 to lawmakers and Gov. Brian Sandoval right before the special session that ratified the gigafactory deal and shortly after the 15-day post-session fundraising blackout period ended.

The largest donation from Solar City was a $7,000 thank you to Sandoval right after the blackout period ended, but the company also gave to key lawmakers and partisan caucus PACs, including in the days before the session started.

The session, which became inevitable in mid-August, began Sept. 10; the blackout period ended Sept. 27.

The list:

8/28 – State Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis ($3,500), Assemblywoman Heidi Swank ($1,000)

9/4 – State Sen. Justin Jones ($2,500)

9/5 – State Sen. Debbie Smith ($1,500), Assemblywoman Irene Bustamante Adams ($1,500)

9/8—Assemblyman James Healey ($1,000)

9/9 – Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick ($1,500), State Sen. Joe Hardy ($2,500), Nevada Senate Democrats ($2,500)

9/30— Gov. Brian Sandoval ($7,000), Assemblyman Jason Frierson ($1,000)

10/3 – State Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson ($2,000), State Sen. Mark Hutchison ($1,500)

10/4 – Senate Republican Leadership Conference ($2,500)

10/9 – Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton ($1,500)

10/10 – Assemblyman Paul Anderson ($1,000)