Do not ask for whom the bell Tolles: They all are ringing it for her

On Tuesday evening in Reno, a fundraiser for Republican Pat Hickey's anointed replacement for his Assembly seat will take place, with a guest list that indicates just how committed people are to ensuring that the seat is not turned over to an anti-tax zealot.

I have seen some legislative fundraiser host committees in the South that are so stuffed with luminaries and lobbyists that they scream anointment. But the one that Jill Tolles, a longtime education activist and well connected member of the city's social elite, is having in Reno matches any of them.

Tolles will have all the money but she will also have competition from the right, including ex-Washoe GOP Chair Sam Kumar and conservative stalwart Wayne Terhune. My colleague, Ray Hagar, has reported that real estate broker Kime King also is running. Others will join, too, if Tolles is lucky.

If you are not on this list, your lobbyist badge or Reno Establishment ID will be revoked.