Democrats fear Brian Sandoval for vice president?

You read that headline right.

So reports BuzzFeed.

The highlights:

Democrats Fear Brian Sandoval Could Peel Away Latino Voters In 2016

The DNC isn’t worried about Marco Rubio or Susana Martinez, but sources who spoke with top officials tell BuzzFeed News they think Brian Sandoval could be a problem for them.

​In meetings in the last month top DNC officials have repeatedly mentioned that Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is best positioned to peel away Latino voters from the Democratic Party in 2016, if he were named the vice presidential nominee, three sources told BuzzFeed News.

According to the sources familiar with the meetings, the DNC does not expect Republicans to pass major policy changes in the next two years that will appeal to Latinos and believes the party’s best chance will be to moderate its rhetoric on immigration — and put forth a Latino vice presidential candidate.

“They think he’s like a Hispanic Mitt Romney,” one of the sources who met with the DNC said, calling Sandoval more “relatable.” “He has the things people liked about Mitt Romney but he’s Hispanic.”

Great stuff.

But, wait: Could this be some kind of Harry Reid Jedi mind trick?