Democratic voter registration edge in state down to 63,000

With Clark County knocking inactive voters off the rolls, the Democrats now have a 63,000-voter edge statewide over the GOP -- that's significant but 30,000 fewer than Election Day 2012 and about what the margin was on Election Day 2010.

The Clark County cleanup resulted in about 29,000 Democrats being knocked off and about 15,000 Republicans -- the edge in Nevada's biggest county is now about 103,000 voters. Using the most current numbers in the other 16 counties, the overall statewide edge is the lowest it has been since August 2012. The statewide difference was 100,000 as recently as August.

This has happened through no act of the Republican Party but by regular attrition, which always hurts Democrats disproportionately. The question is whether the usual will follow: Democrats slowly build on this margin to substantially increase it by Election Day. Or, because this looks to be a GOP year in Nevada and the Republicans have a non-party operation (Engage Nevada) working on registration, might this year be different?

You know who will be tracking it....