Debbie Smith to be Finance Committee chair and assistant leader

Former Speaker Pro Tem Debbie Smith is about to assume even more power in the upper house, putting her in the decision-making room with her old pal and fellow workaholic, Speaker-to-Be Marilyn Kirkpatrick.

Smith has been named second-in-command to Majority Leader Mo Denis, but also chairwoman of the Senate Finance Committee. I always said that if Bill Raggio were ever forced to give up one of his titles -- majority leader or finance boss -- he always would have chosen to remain head of the most powerful committee in Carson City.

Speaker Kirkpatrick and Finance Chair/Assistant Leader Smith? Can't we start this session tomorrow?

The full list of the Democratic assignments:

Senator David Parks-President Pro Tempore

Senator Debbie Smith-Assistant Majority Leader

Senator Ruben Kihuen-Majority Whip

Senator Aaron Ford-Assistant Whip

Senator Justin Jones-Assistant Whip

The Committee Chair assignments are as follows:


Commerce and Energy-Senator Kelvin Atkinson

Education-Senator Joyce Woodhouse

Finance-Senator Debbie Smith

Government Affairs-Senator David Parks

Health and Human Services-Senator Justin Jones

Judiciary-Senator Richard “Tick” Segerblom

Legislative Operations and Elections-Senator Patricia Spearman

Natural Resources-Senator Aaron Ford

Revenue and Economic Development-Senator Ruben Kihuen

Transportation-Senator Mark Manendo