Dean Heller 3.0: Mitt who? I love POTUS

He hates Obamacare, but he has Obamalove.

That's the latest incarnation of the ever-adaptable Dean Heller, the senator who just won election by 12,000 votes and now is marveling at the skills of the president who just won an electoral landlside.

Couldn't he have waited a decent interval to make it seem like a gradual evolution and not pure opportunism?

The maverick secretary of state who morphed into a far-rightie after Sharron Angle almost beat him six years ago and is now back to being Dean No Labels after another near-death experience is a clear case of nurture over nature.

What is his true nature? What does nurture him beyond the politics of the moment?

Is the Dean Heller gushing about the president and untethering himself from Mitt Romney the same guy who said:

►"The failed leadership of President Obama and Democrats in Washington is digging us a fiscal hole so deep, it could take generations to reverse course if we don't act now." (5/16)

►"Nevada's unemployment rate is 11.7% and 158,600 Nevadans are looking for jobs—yet the President says: "The private sector is just fine." The private sector is not fine. It's not anywhere close to fine! This exemplifies everything that's wrong with Washington, and our opponent—Shelley Berkley—is in lock-step with President Obama and his failed economic agenda." (6/9)

►“Nevadans deserve better than what they have gotten from this Congress and White House, which is why I will continue to keep coming to this floor to raise my voice for the citizens of Nevada and I will fight every day to create jobs and get Nevadans back to work…”

►“The plan the majority party and the President are offering will cost Nevada more than 6,000 jobs and would shrink the state’s economy by $1.7 billion.  Nationwide, this plan would hurt more than 700,000 jobs.  Is this really the economic strategy Washington should be embracing?" (7/25)

► "As President Obama takes the stage to ask America for a second term tonight, we are reminded that the trillion dollar stimulus has been wasted, ObamaCare is hurting small businesses and killing jobs, and the national debt clock just passed $16 trillion." (9/6)

And now, per Heller, Obama "relates better" to the average Nevadan and, "He understands what the average middle class family is thinking."
Really? Funny we didn't hear that during the campaign.

Maybe Prince Harry should talk to his "new" colleague about switching parties....