Day 9: Democrats boost lead by 3,000 voters in Clark, up to 47,000 with five days left

Turnout slowed on Sunday in Clark County, with only about 24,000 people going to the polls and the Democrats adding fewer voters (3,000) to their lead than any day so far.

So five days of early voting left and the state of play: The Democrats have a lead, but not one that guarantees victory for President Obama. Republicans, though, have to be worried about Washoe County, where the Democrats have been building a small lead -- it's about 1,600 votes or so now. Republicans will win Election Day there and elsewhere. But if the Democrats keep it close in Washoe, it's almost impossible to see a path to a Romney victory.

The latest numbers (no mail counted Sunday) in Clark:

Democrats -- 146,937, or 49 percent

Republicans -- 99,515, or 33 percent

Others -- 54,540, or 18 percent