Dane to SOS: Pound sand

Tony Dane, the GOP operative under investigation by police in a political corruption probe, has informed the secretary of state that he does not have to disclose anything more than he already has in recall campaigns.

The letter to the SOS, attached here, is from Dane's attorney, David Otto, the same lawyer who filed this fantastical document. In the missive, Otto cites Citizen Outhouse's recent Supreme Court victory that allowed the group to keep donors secret, a case that may not be applicable here.

The punctuation-challenged letter also cites Citizens United (or Citizen's United), which also does not seem applicable here.

Dane has asserted the money donated to a PAC used to fund recall campaigns against Assembly Republicans was his, even though he also said he has clients who are paying him to support the efforts.

It's very simple: If this is allowed to stand, political operatives can take cash from business interests, form a PAC, donate to it with the money they received and hide donors.

Will Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske allow this?