Culinary plans downtown Las Vegas picket next Saturday, same day as big downtown festival

The Culinary union has scheduled a show of force in downtown Las Vegas on Oct. 13 to protest what it says are Glitter Gulch casinos not meeting their demands on a benefits package.

The demonstration coincides -- although the union says it is a coincidence -- with the Rediscover Downtown celebration. I am sure businesses and The First Family are thrilled.

The labor organization is asking Strip employees to sign up for the "Strip Properties Adopt Downtown Hotels" protest, scheduled from 11 AM to 9 PM next Saturday. "Don't Sign if not picketing," workers are instructed.

The union is stepping up its worker contact efforts as these contract negotiations get more intense, sending instructions to employees to text message for information and putting out a piece about how "the cancer is growing" to update Margaritaville bargaining. "First Stations, then Cosmopolitan, now Margaritaville," the piece reads. (I wonder if Gondolier Numero Uno Sheldon Adelson is insulted.)

It will be interesting to see just how many workers flock downtown next weekend to show solidarity.

I wonder if Tony Hsieh will be there to greet them and hypnotize them to not be angry and just feel the Zappos Zen.