Culinary not only registering voters but giving members list of endorsed candidates

The list below isn't newsworthy in and of itself -- there are few surprises.

But the Culinary union, which will turn out tens of thousands of voters when early voting begins Oct. 20,  will send the endorsed candidate matrix to its members, giving them time to reinforce who the leaders support. This could be a powerful tool as the election closes, and it will be interesting to match the list with who wins on Nov. 6.



President & Vice President / Presidente y Vicepresidente

                Barack Obama

                Joe Biden


US Senate/ Senado Federal

                Shelley Berkley


Congress /Congreso

                District/Distrito 1              Dina Titus

                District/Distrito 3              John Oceguera

                District/Distrito 4              Steven Horsford


State Senate / Senado estatal

                District/Distrito 1              Pat Spearman

                District/Distrito 3              Tick Segerblom

                District/Distrito 4              Kelvin Atkinson

                District/Distrito 5              Joyce Woodhouse

                District/Distrito 6              Benny Yerushalmi           

                District/Distrito 7              David Parks

                District/Distrito 9              Justin C. Jones

                District/Distrito 11            Aaron D. Ford

                District/Distrito 18            Kelli Ross


State Assembly/ Asamblea Estatal

                District/Distrito 1              Marilyn Kirkpatrick         

District/Distrito 3              Peggy Pierce

District/Distrito 4              Ken Evans

District/Distrito 5              Marilyn Dondero Loop  

District/Distrito 6              Harvey Munford

District/Distrito 7              Dina Neal

District/Distrito 8              Jason Frierson

District/Distrito 9              Andrew Martin

District/Distrito 11            Olivia Diaz

District/Distrito 13            Lou DeSalvio

District/Distrito 14            Maggie Carlton

District/Distrito 15            Elliot Anderson

District/Distrito 16            Heidi Swank

District/Distrito 18            Richard Carrillo

District/Distrito 19            Felipe Rodriguez

District/Distrito 20            Ellen Spiegel

District/Distrito 21            Andy Eisen

District/Distrito 22            Randy Spoor

District/Distrito 23            Michael Joe

District/Distrito 28            Lucy Flores

District/Distrito 29            April Mastroluca

District/Distrito 34            William Horne   

District/Distrito 35            James W. Healey

District/Distrito 37            Marcus Conklin

District/Distrito 41            Paul Aizley         

District/Distrito 42            Irene Bustamante Adams


County Commission/Condado

                District B                              Tom Collins


District Court Judge/La Corte Del Distrito, División Familiar

                Dept. 4                                 Chris Lee             

                Dept.  5                                                Carolyn Ellsworth

                Dept. 14                               Michael Davidson

                Dept. 20                               Jerry Tao


Justice of the Peace Las Vegas/ Juez de Paz

                Dept. 1                                 Deborah J. Lippis

                Dept. 2                                 Joseph Sciscento

                Dept. 5                                 William D. Jansen

                Dept. 8                                                 Amy Chelini

                Dept. 10                               Melanie Andress-Tobiasson


Justice of the Peace North Las Vegas/ Juez de Paz North Las Vegas

                Dept. 1                                 Jonathon MacArthur

                Dept. 2                                                 Natalie Tyrell


State Board of Education

                District 1                               Forrest Darby