Culinary gets the FOX treatment

Those videos from the anti-union group designed to embarrass the Culinary after picketers abused tourists in front of the Cosmopolitan, were the subject of a segment Thursday on Megyn Kelly's new FOX show.

Kelly introduced the story about "some angry union members with an ugly message," which actually is not unfair. The rest was fairly predictable, with the story follwoed by set-up-to-bash-unions panel.

I really believe what I told the producer in my snippet in the coverage on FOX, which is that the Culinary does not really care about its image. It wants a contract, and if this publicity hurts the union, it hurts the Cosmo, too, right?

Love that panel, too, which is two righties (three if you include Kelly) vs. one progressive. Fair and balanced!

"It plays into a narrative about union thuggery..." Kelly softballed to Monica Crowley, who swung away.

And: "You haven't heard a lot about this story, right? If this had been, you know, some Tea Party group," Kelly said, hanging a curve to a frothing Chris Plante, who concluded, "The Left is violent. It's rowdy. And they never get called on it."

To her credit, Kelly concluded, "The Left is violent? Maybe you've overstated your cause."

Bottom line: The union asked for this, but I'm not sure the leaders really think it damages the cause.