Conservative group polling in Nevada on Sandoval, Heck

A national conservative group that spent $15 million in 2012 trying to defeat President Obama is doing robopolling in Nevada to assess the re-election prospects of Gov. Brian Sandoval and Rep. Joe Heck.

I received the call this afternoon, and when I dialed the number, a machine told me I had reached Americans for Job Security, a dark money group that the New York Times listed as the ninth biggest outside spending group against the president in 2012.

The first two questions were demographic, then one each on whether I thought Sandoval and Heck deserved re-election and then I had four choices on the most important issues in the election:

1. Economy/jobs

2. The federal reserve and "lack of accountability"

3. Repeal of Obamacare

4. "Protecting the lives of unborn children"

I'm surprised education or Medicare or immigration reform wasn't on there. Shocked, even.