Collins, Sisolak still going at it on Brooks replacement vote



Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick just told me that despite what Tom Collins told his colleagues, she believes there is no rush to appoint anyone. "There are a lot of details," she told me, including whether the person can be paid and whether the caucus might be able to offer housing. "Relax, please. We don't need someone this week. We will take our time."


Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins today again pressed Chairman Steve Sisolak to call for a special meeting this week to replace expelled Assemblyman Steven Brooks, but was quickly rebuffed.

Collins, in a letter I have attached here, implores Sisolak to speed up the process based on Majority Leader William Horne's comments on "Ralston Reports" on Friday and a conversation he had over the weekend with Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick. Some of it is quite Collinsesque:

"I, and I believe others on the board believe and understand that although we are a powerful board. That power comes from the Legislature."


Sisolak responded this morning via email, and copied to others:

Commissioner Collins,

I am in receipt of several emails and one letter, dated this morning, and hand delivered to my desk regarding the "appointment of a replacement for Assembly District 17."  

I understand that you feel a sense of urgency to address this without the input of our colleagues at the board meeting scheduled for tomorrow, but I do not concur.   When we discussed this issue last December, the board decided that we would have a process whereby individuals could apply for the vacancy, and commissioners would also have the opportunity to interview any candidates they desired.   After consulting with County staff and Assistant District Attorney Mary-Anne Miller, I feel it is best to discuss this item under our "emerging issues item" on the BCC agenda for April 2, 2013.   That item is number 46.   It is my hope that the board will have a healthy discussion and give some direction on how to proceed.

While I understand that you would prefer we act is a much quicker process, I feel strongly that the entire board needs to weigh in on this issue.

Thank you for your consideration.

Steve Sisolak




Mr. Chairman,

Thank you for your response.  I believe that the full board should participate, reminding you that the last appointment to the legislature on December 18, 2012, the Commissioner from District G where the vacancy existed lead the discussion and made the motion, because the vacancy was in Commissioner District G.

Because this vacancy was inevitable, I have received inquiries for weeks.    Mainly because the vacancy is in District B.  I am sure if the vacancy was in a different District, that Commissioner would have been receiving inquiries just as I have.

Since the legislative vacancy is in District B (at least 96%), due to the legislature being in session and deadlines looming.  We should act as soon as legally possible.  I believe that the involvement by the Commissioner's should be handled in the same way as the last appointment.  Therefore,  I am ready to make a motion as soon as legally possible.

Thank you ,

Commissioner Collins


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