Centrist think tank forming in Nevada

Sick of ideologically driven, tendentious research, a group of prominent Nevadans is organizing to form a new think tank expected to be unveiled in a few weeks.

I've learned the new organization will be headed by ex-Harrah's chief Phil Satre and will be named after former Gov. Kenny Guinn, known for his moderate bipartisanship.

The Guinn Center for Public Policy already has a board -- listed below and heavy on former educators -- and an executive director -- Nancy Brune, a Nevadan with an impressive Ivy League pedigree.

"What we really think is there is a need for more fact-based, data-driven analysis," Satre told me. He didn't mention the Nevada Policy Research Institute or the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, but this clearly is designed to be an antidote to them, especially the former. (It seems as if the group may be slightly left of center, but the proof will be in the work product.)

Satre said the group's initial focus will be on the budget, education and economic development. The GCPP will produce regular papers as well as an annual report on the state. It is being funded by private donations and has been seeded with $300,000 from the board members.

It will be interesting to see if the GCPP can have an impact on public policy where others have failed.


The GCPP board:

Deane Albright (Reno)

Dr. Joe Crowley (Reno)
Dr. Jill Derby (Rural)
Tom Gallagher (Las Vegas)
Dr. Carol Harter (Las Vegas)
Kenneth Ladd (Las Vegas)
Beverly Rogers (Las Vegas)
Phil Satre (Reno)
Douglas Seastrand (Las Vegas)
Randolph Townsend (Las Vegas)