Building trades sponsoring anti-margin tax resolution at AFL-CIO convention

Northern and southern building trades groups are passing around a resolution at the AFL-CIO convention opposing The Education Initiative.

The resolution, attached here, says "until the effects of the Education Initiative are clearly defined we oppose the passage and implementation of the measure."

The text of the resolution emphasizes that the Legislature should make tax policy and that TEI "does not clearly address" the impact on businesses. The resolution essentially is an attack on the teachers union for misleading on the margin tax and for not taking into account how struggling construction enterprises could be hurt by TEI.

Building trades rep Jack Mallory, who has been outspoken against the margin tax, told me, "The teachers need to fully explain it." Mallory said the resolution is expected to be voted on Friday at the AFL-CIO gathering, which is taking place over two days at Circus Circus in Reno.

I have previously reported on the AFL-CIO changing its position on the tax. But the resolution would need two-thirds of convention attendees to pass, which seems unlikely.