Buffett/NV Energy deal cannot be affected by power company's major bill

The pending agreement between Warren Buffett and Nevada's power monoply specifically states that the passage or failure of SB 123, its controversial coal-and-regulation-disappearing bill, has no impact on the deal.

That's according to an SEC document filed this week and posted here, which states in part (see ppg. 61-62) that a litany of occurrences cannot have an adverse effect on the deal, including:

any adoption, implementation, promulgation, repeal, modification, reinterpretation or proposal of any rule, regulation, ordinance, order, protocol or any other Law of or by any national, regional, state or local Governmental Authority, independent system operator, regional transmission organization or market administrator (including legislation relating to NVision in its current form or any amended form or any Laws adopted, implemented, proposed, stayed or changed in connection therewith)

Fascinating that NVision, a k a SB 123, would be written right into the agreement, thus blunting arguments that Buffett requires the bill's enactment to consummate the deal.

Lots of interesting stuff in the so-called 8K, posted here.