Brooks requests seats for opening day as outreach from leadership met with silence

Legislative leaders have reached out to troubled Assemblyman Steven Brooks to try to resolve his continued service, but have been met with silence as he appears to be making arrangements to appear in Carson City on Monday.

I am reliably told that through emissaries, leaders have tried to get Brooks and/or his lawyer to agree that the intense spotlight of Carson City is not the best place for him to get well and that they are willing to arrange a temporary leave of absence. There are real safety concerns that have been expressed by some folks, and legislative authorities are taking precautions.

But having been snubbed by Brooks and his lawyer, Mitchell Posin, lawmakers are instead moving ahead with plans for a select committee to investigate Brooks. The latter, while it will become a reality next week, also is designed to increase pressure on Brooks to not show up in the capital when the 77th session commences next week. My guess is that previously undisclosed information about Brooks will come to light in any committee hearing, including the roots of concerns lawmakers had long before his arrest.

Despite all of this, Brooks appears to be intent on coming.

At 12:35 AM Friday, according to a copy of an email I have obtained, Brooks responded to the chief clerk's Jan. 28 request to inform the Legislative Building staff how many seats to reserve for Monday, when the ceremonial stuff occurs. "I'll need to reserve 20 seats please," Brooks wrote in his post-midnight missive. 20! (I wonder if Las Vegas Councilman Ricki Barlow is among his 20 guests.)

This could be tense.