Billy Walters' $100,000 to House GOP gets attention

"Las Vegas gambler makes $100,000 bet on House Republicans"

That's the headline on a Center for Public Integrity piece on Wednesday, a reference to Billy Walters, who has bundled a fortune to local and state officials through various corporations and now has taken advantage of federal laws with another.

The center found that Walters, through an entity called T Star III LLC, gave the $100K to a Super PAC trying to keep the House in GOP control:


Walters is a well-known sports bettor who made $3.5 million betting on the New Orleans Saints in the 2010 Super Bowl. In 2011, the Wall Street Journal reported he made as much as $15 million a year gambling.

He is also the chief executive officer of The Walters Group, a real estate company based in Las Vegas that specializes in high-end golf courses. One of them includes the option of “Par Mates” — “extremely attractive and outgoing young ladies / girl caddies that will keep the golfers company during their round.”

Walters has been indicted by the Nevada attorney general three times on charges of money laundering over the years. Each time, the charges were dismissed before trial. He originally moved to Nevada in 1980 after being convicted of illegal bookmaking in his home state of Kentucky.

Luce is the president of The Walters Group. Company officials did not respond to requests for comment.

I have detailed over the years how Walters has used a variety of corporate entities to bankroll candidates as high as governor and as low as Clark County Commission. Or is that ther other way around?


ADDENDUM: This particular Walters entity, T Star III, has given four contributions since 2011, according to the SOS:

Contributor  Date Amount Type Recipient Report
T Star III LLC 3/3/2012 $2,500.00 Monetary Contribution Bob T Beers 2012 Las Vegas Special Election CE Report 1
T Star III LLC 12/29/2011 $5,000.00 Monetary Contribution Steve Sisolak 2012 Annual CE Filing
T Star III LLC 9/13/2012 $5,000.00 Monetary Contribution Lawrence L Brown 2012 CE Report 3
T Star III, LLC 7/21/2011 $2,500.00 Monetary Contribution Bob R Coffin 2012 Annual CE Filing