Bilbray: Margin tax too high and "horribly written," but I'm voting for it

CD3 hopeful Erin Bilbray met with the Clark County Education Association today and told them her position on The Education Initiative:

"We have put teachers and parents backs up against the wall. We need to do something to get more resources but the language is far from perfect and the tax is too high."

I naturally assumed that meant she is against it because she thinks the 2 percent rate is too high and it's a mess. Why vote for a tax if you think the rate is too high and it's poorly constructed?

But when I followed up:

"I think it is horribly written and the tax is too high. But as mother of two girls in public school, I am voting for it.  I don't think it will pass, but I hope enough people vote for it to send a message to both democrats and republicans: it's time we do something about the lack of funding for education in Nevada. If I can't stand for kids in Nevada than I don't deserve to be sent to Washington DC."

There you have the insane choice voters have: Vote for a flawed tax or leave it in the hands of lawmakers.