Bilbray hires new manager with DC, federal campaign experience

Erin Bilbray, running in one of the two dozen or so most-watched districts in the country, has hired a new campaign manager.

Bilbray, the Democrat challenging GOP Rep. Joe Heck, has retained Erica Prosser, who has experience with a DC firm, Mack Sumner, and has worked on Capitol Hill as well as for well-known Democratic pollster Celinda Lake. Prosser also worked for Annie's List, a Texas version of EMILY's List.

Prosser takes over for Bradley Mayer, the Las Vegas-based campaign and field expert who left abruptly earlier this month and who some believe had been miscast in that role. Prosser has the kind of experience needed for such a high-profile and difficult race against an incumbent, and I'm sure she had some help from the national Democrats in finding her.

Prosser's Mack Sumner bio refers to when she once wore the white hat (journalism) and lists as her career highlight:

Watching Rep. Pelosi, a client, being sworn in as the first female Speaker of the House. Knowing each campaign, even those we don’t win, makes a difference in people’s lives – though it’s much more fun to win. 

Her clients at the firm:

Some of the nation’s biggest progressive organizations including Planned Parenthood and Sierra Club and several labor unions including NEA and IAFF. I also work with candidates, committees, and legislative caucuses at all levels, including my home-state (and hometown) senator, Bob Casey. 

She seems perfectly suited to explain the contradictions of campaigns as she lists her guiding principles as "integrity, trust, and character," but she also professes to be "obsessed" with Penn State football.

Welcome to Nevada, Ms. Prosser. At least you follow the right conference....