Beers says he'll run against Reid; I say he won't

This morning, Las Vegas Councilman Bob Beers, through Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith, asserted he would run against Senate Majority leader Harry Reid in 2016.

My initial thoughts:

1. Laughter.

2. He won't run. (General axiom: Don't take seriously such pronouncments three years less three months from an election.)

3. Beers loves mischief and loves attention.

4. He'll never raise the money.

5. Among those who might run against Reid, the most likely are: Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki, Rep. Joe Heck, Gov. Brian Sandoval, lots of other people I haven't thought of yet and Bob Beers.

6. As much as he says he loves being on the council, the canvas clearly isn't large enough for Beers, who floated his name for lieutenant governor this year before receding but is sending a signal to his constituents that he doesn't really like the job as much as he has said.

7. Beers is smart, funny and occasionally vicious. He's be entertaining.

8. The funniest part of the trial balloon, which reads like a press releaase ("Married for more than 30 years..."), are the parts about his 2006 run for governor, which Smith says "threw a scare into Jim Gibbons" (Um, no.) and this: "Beers is no stranger to statewide races. He ran for governor against then-Congressman Gibbons in 2006 and placed second despite a substantial financial disadvantage." What? He never had a chance and garnered.....29 percent. Second funniest: "The announcement no doubt also complicates matters for Gov. Brian Sandoval, who is up for re-election this year but has long been rumored to be interested in challenging Reid." What? Yes, I'm sure Sandoval, who right now has little interest in going up against Reid, will think twice now that a Las Vegas councilman is "in" the race.

9. Reid must be smiling that wry smile.

10. Don't take seriously any pronouncments by a pundit three years less three months from an election.