Attorneys rip city of Henderson for "thuggish, cowardly, and despicable" lawsuit as client settles for....$750

After he settled with the city of Henderson for a paltry sum, indicating the government was eager to release him, attorney Christopher Stephens, through his lawyers, lambasted what they called the "pulp fiction" of a lawsuit.

The statement, from the law firm of Campbell and Williams, is a brutal denunciation of Henderson's lawsuit against Stephens and others, including developer Chris Milam, who once promised to build a stadium near the "M" Resort.

Don't take my word for it. Read it and cringe (along with the Henderson folks):

Irrespective of recent press accounts, no judgment of any kind was entered against our client, Christopher Stephens. Rather, the case will be dismissed against Mr. Stephens with prejudice.

Mr. Stephens was a named defendant in a lawsuit which, as it applied to Mr. Stephens, we believe to be a thuggish, cowardly, and despicable piece of pulp fiction. In our view, it was nothing short of a legal drive-by character assassination of an extraordinarily gifted lawyer and decent human being. Accordingly, we made the following legal wager under Rule 68 with the City of Henderson: We will tender a check to the City for one hour of our legal time ($750). If you reject it, we will be entitled to all of our fees and expenses when Mr. Stephens ultimately prevails at trial. The City of Henderson’s prompt acceptance of this meager amount speaks volumes about its confidence in the gratuitous and inflammatory remarks its attorneys spewed in the lawsuit.

Given that Mr. Stephens will likely be an important witness in this case, we will have no further comment except to say that he will answer all questions under oath truthfully.

(Full disclosure: Campbell and Williams have represented me.)