Assembly minority leader wants quid pro quo on driver's licenses for DREAMers: Voter ID

Here's what Pat Hickey just put out:



Assembly Minority Leader Seeks Answers From Democrats opposing Voting Identification Improvements

Las Vegas, NV - Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey, R-Reno, is considering supporting Nevada's proposed state-issued drivers license for U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Deferred Action program but is confused by State Democrat Leaders who are opposing a similar program to improve the quality of Nevada's election process.

Democrat lawmakers are currently drafting a bill that grants all residents, legal and illegal, a "Drivers Privilege Card," in hopes that it will make Nevada's roads safer for everyone.


"On one hand, Democrats are proposing photo IDs for illegal residents in Nevada in order to makes our roads safer," said Assemblyman Hickey. "If photo IDs are a good idea for illegal residents on our highways-then they should also be a good idea for legal ones in our voting booths," continued Assemblyman Hickey.


This ought to be fun. Or not (Hickey can't stop the bill because he doesn't have the votes!)