Assembly GOP caucus wants budget below $7 billion

Or most of them do.

Or most of them would prefer that but some actually live in the real world.

That's according to a confidential Assembly Republican Caucus document I've obtained, the product of an informal survey by rookie Brent Jones, a charter member of the so-called "MFers" -- Michele Fiore and her Know-Nothing Party.

I asked Jones about it the document, which says "Confidential -- For Republican Caucus Only!" and I confirmed was the result of his actions. "Where did you get that?" he asked, then added, "I can neither confirm nor deny that is mine."

Now why would any responsible lawmaker randomly choose a budget number or range instead of adding up policies he or she could support? Answer: One would not.

You can see from the document below that Enemy of Michele, Chris Edwards, and Speaker John Hambrick, were not asked. And only Majority Leader Paul Anderson gave the same number as the governor's original budget ($7.3 billion) while only a few others gave numbers above $7 billion. And, caucus sources say, some of those who gave wishful ranges lower than $7 billion would be willing to vote for a higher number.

Yes, Nevadans, you elected these people to arbitrarily choose how to fund your needs.



Brent Jones has moved his kids to California for schooling and has stated he would move out of state if the Governor's tax package is passed. Could this be an indication of what the Republican Assembly caucus needs to do?