Angle tests water for run in 2014 or 2016

I spoke too soon.

I pointed out today on Twitter that ex-2010 Senate disaster Sharron Angle had terminated her campaign committee, suggesting a mournful valedictory was in order.

But no.

On her website, the woman who once told Harry Reid to "man up" wants your opinion. She's taking a poll on what she should do next:

►In 2016 run against Harry Reid

►In 2014 run for Congress (1/4 NV seats)

►In 2014 run for NV Lt. Governor

►In 2014 run for NV Secretary of State

►In 2014 run for NV Controller

►In 2014 run for NV Treasurer

►Don't run for office. Focus on OVPAC (Our Voices PAC, which she set up after losing to Reid)

Where to begin?

She basically is asking about every major office in Nevada up next year except governor. So Brian Sandoval is a Sharron Angle kind of politician? Who knew?

To be fair, she also left out attorney general. That whole non-lawyer thing could be a factor. Because she's obviously qualified for all of the others.

Hey, if Ricki Barlow can be controller, why not Sharron Angle.

And one of four congressional seats? Priceless. But you don't have to live in the district, you know....

So if you are a congressman or congresswoman, or a candidate for one of those constitutional offices, or...Harry Reid, do you tell people to vote for her to enter your race or not?

And, if I may be so bold, why did she leave president in 2016 off this poll?

All I can say is this.