Angle takes on Sandoval, but how far does it go?

The idea of memorable 2010 Senate candidate Sharron Angle using Obamacare as a linchpin for a gubernatorial bid seems silly, right?

Beyond media salivation -- sorry for the noise, folks -- I'm not sure who else might be clamoring for such a primary matchup with Gov. Brian Sandoval, although I had two Republicans raise the possibility to me this week. Why?

Because Angle has been criticizing Sandoval for accommodating the health care law by expanding Medicaid and setting up an exchange, which Angle now is dedicated to repeal.

Even if the so-called grass roots are upset with the governor and his men dictating where the party should go, and not to the right, I can't see Angle as the vehicle for them to ride. She is so damaged from her race against Harry Reid, and a better question: Who gives her money? Could she really resuscitate that national network that brought her $14 million in one quarter?

I see the chattering differently: Sandoval, despite his 68 percent approval rating, has some trouble on the far right, and it will never go away. But Angle? I don't see it, although the video leading her web site is as amazingly awful as anything you will see in politics.

Where have you gone, Sharron Angle, a state turns its lonely eyes to you...

UPDATE: Forgot to add the governor's reaction to the repeal move by Angle, though a spokeswoman: "Repeal of the state exchange would force Nevadans to use the federal exchange and as Governor has stated previously, he believes Nevada and Nevadans should be making the decisions regarding the exchange, not the federal government."