Angle embraces homophobic Alabama candidate

Former Senate candidate Sharron Angle has inserted herself into Alabama's special congressional election next week, endorsing a candidate who has said he is "against homosexuals pretending like they’re married."

Angle's PAC, which solicited money for Dean Young in a missive I have pasted below, also set her disqualifiers for endorsements: Anyone who has voted for taxes, contributed to Democrats, has ties to the Establishment and does not display a serious campaign. (I wonder if incipient lieutenant governor's contender Sue Lowden, who lost to Lowden in that epic 2010 Senate race,  is sad because I don't think she will qualify.)

Angle's endorsement comes a few days after POLITICO reported ex-White House hopeful Rick Santorum had cut a spot for another contender. Young's anti-gay sentiments have been widely reported.

The election to replace Rep. Jo Bonner is for a safe GOP seat.

Here's the Angle missive:


It is urgent that we help Dean Young, the courageous conservative in Alabama, win the primary election on September 24

My latest blog, Qualifying the Candidate, talks about ways we can research candidates who sound too good to be true. Actions speak louder than words.

In the special election for Congress in Alabama CD 1. OurVoicePAC qualified the candidates by eliminating those who:

  1. Have voted for taxes (Bradley Byrne and Quin Hillyer supported the largest tax increase in Alabama history and Chad Fincher voted for the Internet Sales Tax and a 437 million dollar raid on the Alabama Trust Fund)
  2. Have given campaign contributions to Democrats (Yes! Bradley Byrne donated to Bill Clinton when he was elected to office as a Democrat, but now he says he's a Republican.)
  3. Has ties to the DC establishment or special interests (Byrne took over $12,000 from lawyers, Fincher is a former lobbyist with $30,000 in Independent Expeditures from a DC super PAC, Hillyer is endorsed by 16 DC PACs, James is a campaign consultant, Griffiths was a top DC aid)
  4. How serious these candidates are in terms of running the race (Powe and Thornton don't have websites. Griffiths reported no campaign fundraising, James reported one donor).

Using the criteria for qualifying a candidate, OurVoicePAC finds that Dean Young is the courageous fiscal and social conservative for Congress.  Dean Young is a self-funded businessman and entrepreneur. He fought and won the “Rain Tax” and defeated the Baldwin County Property Tax. Please make an immediate donation.

Please check out the blog and help OurVoicePAC support a winner for Congress in Alabama's on September 24.

Kind regards,

 Sharron Angle