And so it begins: Hutchison goes up on TV

State Sen. Mark Hutchison: Beloved by the most popular elected official in Nevada, fighter against Obamacare, "committed conservative."

So says the lieutenant governor hopeful's first ad, now running on cable stations. This was to be expected. Hutchison is unknown, so the simple strategy is: Boost his name ID, define him (really, he is a conservative!), maybe bait Sue Lowden into spending money, then go after her.

By the way, I had a forensic lip reader look at the spot, and he tells me this is what is being said between Sandoval and Hutchison:

Sandoval: "Mark, I know you have not even been a senator for a full term, but I need to keep my options open, ok?"

Hutchison: "But the lieutenant governor's office is a joke."

Sandoval: "Not if I leave."

Hutchison: "I get that. Why do you think I'm smiling so much in this ad?"