The ambitions of the 1993 Legislature

This morning, I asked subscribers to Flash (you can sign up on the site) this trivia question:

During the 1993 Legislature, how many lawmakers were there who would later run for statewide office and who are they? 

Lots of folks took a stab at it, but here is the correct answer: 10 (11 if you count one who started to run but never filed)

Here they are:

State Sen. Tom Hickey -- Secretary of state, 1994

State Sen. Sue Lowden--U.S. Senate, 2010

State Sen. Joe Neal -- Governor, 2002

State Sen. Ray Shaffer -- Lieutenant governor, 1986

State Sen. Dina Titus -- Governor, 2006

Assemblywoman Kathy Augustine -- Controller, 1998 and 2002

Assemblyman Jim Gibbons -- Governor, 2006 and 2010

Assemblyman Dean Heller -- Secretary of state, 1994 and 1998; U.S. Senate, 2012

Assemblywoman Erin Kenny -- Lieutenant governor, 2002

Assemblyman Richard Perkins -- Governor, 2006 (this is borderline, as he raised money but never filed)

Assemblyman Scott Scherer -- Attorney general, 1998

Several of you got to nine or 10.  But no one got all 11.