AG candidates on the gay marriage brief

I tried to find out what attorney general candidates Ross Miller and Adam Laxalt would have done had they been the governor's legal counsel in the Ninth Circuit Appeal of that gay marriage brief.

Democrat Ross Miller responded, "Given the recent decision in Abbott Laboratories, I believe there is very little chance that Nevada's law will be upheld. Since I was not part of the discussions between Attorney General Masto and her client, the governor, I won't second-guess their decisions. But, I would be reluctant to use the state's limited resources defending this law.

The case he referred to is the same one Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto did when she put out her late-Friday news release, saying the decision involving the exclusion of a gay juror undercuts the Nevada appeal.
That statement is a nice bit of needle-threading by Miller, showing respect to the attorney general and the governor while, perhaps, implying he would not have made the same decision.
As for Laxalt, I received no response from his campaign. But, perhaps, a window into his thinking about homosexuals is provided in this piece in which he argues gays should be banned from certain military duties and this one in which he talks about those who "tolerate homosexuals."