Adelson's anti-web gaming coalition announces list of backers

UPDATE: Want to know how easy it was for me to find one of these groups that hates gambling in general, not just web gaming, and believes it causes addictions and social ills? 

This easy. "The Louisiana Family Forum has a long history of opposing gambling..."

The religious right does not like gambling, unless, of course, it's Ralph Reed and Jack Abramoff pitting one interest against the other.

Trust me, folks: This Louisiana group is just the tip of the iceberg. The religious right hates gambling, so if Adelson & Co. want support, they are drawing from a pool that sees very little distinction between land-based and web-based.



It's mainly religious groups, many of which I'd bet aren't thrilled with gaming in general, including the Faith and Freedom Coalition, started by Ralph Reed:

1.            American Principles Project

2.            Catholic Advocate

3.            Center for Civic Virtue

4.            Common Sense Virginia

5.            Concerned Women for America

6.            Corporate Whistleblower Center

7.            Denver Institute of Urban Studies

8.            Faith and Freedom Coalition of Virginia

9.            Faith and Freedom Coalition of California

10.          Faith and Freedom Coalition of Delaware

11.          Faith and Freedom Coalition of Florida

12.          Faith and Freedom Coalition of Michigan

13.          Faith and Freedom Coalition of Ohio

14.          Faith and Freedom Coalition of Oklahoma

15.          Faith and Freedom Coalition of Oregon

16.          Faith and Freedom Coalition of South Carolina

17.          Faith and Freedom Coalition of Texas

18.          Faith and Freedom Coalition of Wisconsin

19.          Friendship Baptist Church of Christ Jesus

20.          Frontiers of Freedom

21.          Indiana American Family Association

22.          Let Freedom Ring

23.          Liberty Counsel

24.          Lighthouse Missionary Baptist

25.          Louisiana Family Forum

26.          Loving Saints Christian Fellowship

27.          Massachusetts Family Institute

28.          Minnesota Family Council

29.          Missouri Family Policy Council

30.          Network of Politically Active Christians

31.          Pennsylvania Catholics Network

32.          Pennsylvania Pastors Network

33.          Rose of Sharon Tabernacle

34.          The City of Refuge Restoration Church

35.          The Greater Denver Ministerial Alliance

36.          The Latino Coalition

37.          Tradition Family Property

38.          Transforming Florida

39.          Universal Baptist Church