Adelson poll shows what Adelson really cares about

A new poll paid for by Sheldon Adelson not only shows where voters are on various issues -- for marijuana legalization, split on the U.S. Senate race and much more -- but it provides an excellent and comprehensive blueprint of what the casino mogul really cares about: Gutting the convention authority and the power company monopoly, building a stadium and stopping the pot initiative.

The full poll is below -- and it is very unusual for a company to allow such in-depth strategic questions to be released presaging campaigns.  But now we know -- and some of us already did -- where he will focus his energies this year in Nevada.

Some findings:

----The U.S. Senate race between Rep. Joe Heck and ex-Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto is a dead heat.

----The convention authority, which Adelson has long disdained and believes unfairly competes with his convention center, is very popular.

----NV Energy is not hated as much as he might like (53-39, favorable/unfavorable) and 70 percent are satisifed with the service.

----Voters are not overly fond (36-42) of utility regulators and would love deregulation (79 percent), although the issue is far from vetted.

----Of course people want a football stadium here (Adelson wants to bring the Raiders to Vegas) but 78 percent think he should pay for it himself.

----By 2-to-1, people support legalizing pot.



160306_crosstabs_NV_SANDS_v3_KD.pdf by Jon Ralston