Adelson crony fills PAC with $25,000 to help congressional hopeful Innis

Victor Chaltiel, a close associate of Gondolier Numero Uno Sheldon Adelson, recently contributed $25,000 to a PAC set up my associates of GOP congressional hopeful Niger Innis.

Adelson has helped Innis at Chaltiel's urging, sources tell me, because Innis and Chaltiel are friends. At  the end of the last fundraising quarter, Chaltiel seeded the PAC with $25,000. The New America PAC NV was filed last September by Innis supporters.

The PAC has also funded an ad attacking Innis' primary foe, Assemblyman Cresent Hardy. The spot, which has not made it onto TV yet, seeks to impugn Hardy's conservative credentials by using the same Obamacare attacks Sue Lowden is using against Mark Hutchison in the lieutenant governor's race, using votes taken after the Affordable Care Act was passed and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. The PAC ad also raises Hardy's bankruptcy, which is a high level of chutzpah considering Innis' financial history.

One last note: As Innis sometimes does, the narrator mangles the pronunciation of Nevada in the spot.